The Ramsey Charitable Trust PAY it FOTWARD @ 2005

Who We are and Why we “Pay It Forward”

We want to be the "CHANGE and make a DIFFERENCE" and PAY it FORWARD".

Jeff and Toni Ramsey started their version of “PAY it FORWARD” in 2005 by providing Thanksgiving dinners to Albuquerque Public School students and their families and to organizations close to their heart.

IN honors our Father’s and all who serve our Country and those in need. We do the unexpected for the ARMED FORCES and THOSE IN NEED.  

Ramsey Charitable Trust, Inc., is the host of many tournaments and other events throughout the year where the funds raised are distributed to areas of need.  Our list of beneficiaries is long with donations being made to many deserving organizations, the bulk of the funds and items collected go to the Armed Forces such as:  Vets Outreach, Kirtland AFB, Dyess AFB, Davis-Monthaen AFB, homemade Hero Boxes, Bags of Compassion, Paws for Purple Hearts, Homeless Vets, DAV, Wounded Military Soldier’s ABQ, Wounded Warrior Project, Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees, Heroes Sports and USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team, to name a few. 

Where do we get our “PAY it FORWARD” attitude?

Toni' father, Capt. E.L. Krapcha proudly served in the Air Force.  Capt. Krapcha was on the beach and survived Pearl Harbor. Capt. Krapcha became 100% disabled and worked to ensure the Retired Disabled Military and their families received the benefits they are due. Capt. Krapcha was a member of the DAV in Albuquerque until his passing on Memorial Day in 1993. Toni helped her father with fundraisers for the disabled Vets.  Jeff’s father, Capt. Arthur B. Ramsey served the Air Force in the production of historical and training films (Ramsey Productions). Capt. Ramsey's productions helped educate the military and civilians about the war. Both Capt.'s rest in peace at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and are watching over us.  The Ramsey’s feel very blessed and want to continue to give back to those who FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY and deserve so much. We also give to those in need.  "One receives what One gives".

Jeff and Toni Ramsey both have had close calls with health conditions.  It was realized that it was time to give back. Ramsey Charitable Trust Inc was created.  By God’s grace we are still here and joyfully work to Pay it Forward.  Thank you for taking the time to read who we are and why we do what we do.   

Jeff & Toni Ramsey

More on our team………

Theresa Gallegos & Robert Stultz

Theresa & Robert  are dedicated to the Pay it Forward mission, they believe in giving back to our Armed Forces and those in need.  All of us face our own struggles. We all worked and played at the Albuquerque Sportsplex before its closing in 2004. The Albuquerque Sportsplex is where our event planning abilities were realized.  We have planned or been involved with state and national events. We all volunteer our services to PAY it FORWARD. Theresa, and Robert both work full time jobs and find the time for PAY it FORWARD.  WE want to Be the CHANGE and Make a DIFFERENCE and PAY it FORWARD.